About Us

Aqua Regia Technology Based in Dubai, U.A.E. is one-stop flow solution to address all needs on the Water Industry Swimming Pool, industrial, domestic and wastewater treatment with its cutting edge technology and quality products. An instrument by itself doesn’t solve problems. But the hands of professionals makes it a solution, to help high-performance companies perform even better to make service a science and to find sustainable ways of work that benefit not only customers, but also the communities.

 AquaRegia Technology immaculate quality products, prestigious projects, commitment to answering needs, vast experience with the technical support / back up of all partner principles, specializes in Swimming pool, industrial water, energy  applications to Process a commitment to find new and better ways to apply chemistries. 

Our technologies offer complete flow solution in Water industry Swimming pool, industrial and domestic water treatment, wastewater treatment and process systems solutions. Our goal is to help / solve complex challenges related to water availability and quality, to increase productivity, reduce costs and help our customers meet environmental regulations.


We are committed to delivering world class products in various business activities in the fields of Designing, Manufacturing, Servicing and Trading. We shall actively provide innovative and effective services to the consumers, with customers' delight as our measure of success.

As we move forward, we shall strive to become the leading provider of total quality and service in the field. We are a group of highly capable, skilled, and dedicated individuals with creative and distinguished ideas committed to build an organization of high standards.

Fundamentally, we shall always aim to be a provider of out true service, worthy of the consumer's trust whilst overcoming the challenges of the ever changing consumer needs.


Aqua Regia Technology, are committed to provide quality products and services.
In pursuit of this commitment in serving the consumers, we shall adopt sound trade and industrial policies as well as regulations provided by the government.
We shall provide timely and world class services that answer our clients' business needs for Design, Manufacturing, Servicing and Trading.


Our objective is to provide products or services that meet or exceed the customer's satisfaction. We deliver to customers the right product or service, at the right time, at the right quantity, quality and price.


Customer satisfaction is recognized as the number one priority in our organization as our success is directly linked to the satisfaction of the customer towards his final output of the quality of our product and services.

We take pride in offering aggressive pricing, excellent program performance and top notch 24/7 service.

If you have any questions, please call +971 50 4635704. or  e-mail -  inquiries@aquaregiame.com