Chilled Water System

Extensive experience in all areas of water treatment which include, but are not limited to new construction, chemical engineering/consulting, HVAC water treatment, industrial applications.

Industrial Cooling Tower

ARTECH solutions for industrial cooling towers address corrosion,biofouling, and other contaminants to improve water quality and cooling efficiency. With a small footprint, and the choice of a single-solution approach or a complement to existing systems, Aqua Regia Technology offers the flexibility and compatibility to meet specific water treatment needs for cooling towers while reducing operating costs.

Analytical Technology

You need immediate answers when you have a system or process problem. In some cases, testing can be done on site to identify the cause. In other cases, you need the testing capabilities and troubleshooting expertise only found in an experienced analytical laboratory.

Industrial Steam Boiler

Aqua Regia Technology provided boiler water treatment programs involve the use of automatic boiler blowdown controllers. These controllers ensure that the boiler maximizes the use of the water in the boiler and minimizes the use of water and chemistry. Steam boilers are vulnerable to corrosion from the dissolved oxygen found in water.

Food & Beverage

Aqua Regia Technology provides cutting-edge water flow solutions for farming, food and beverage industries. Surface or groundwater source water treatment, process water treatment.

Swimming Pool

Pools, fountains, spas, and other large water features add value and attraction to numerous retail and municipal facilities. Keeping those facilities clean and balanced is a high priority, and Aqua Regia Technology has the expertise, products, and service solutions needed to ensure sparkling, sanitary amenities.