Ultrafiltration Technology

Ultrafiltration is a physical water treatment procedure. One simple flow solution for both clarifying and disinfecting water. Disinfection of water in a single step. A membrane barrier acts like a filter for all particles over 10-20 nm in size: pollen, algae, bacteria, viruses, germs and organic molecules.

Multimedia Filtration Technology

Activate Carbon filter Sand filtration. Sand filtration, MMF system for Industry, MMF system for Commercial, MMF system for Hotel industry, MMF system for Laundry

Water Softener Technology

Cation ion Exchange, Anion Exchange, Residence units, Commercial, Hotel industry, Laundry

Disinfection Technology

UV system, Ozone Generator, Copper and Silver Ionization system

Reverse Osmosis Technology

Residence units, Industry Plant, Food and Beverages unit, Commercial unit, Hotel industry, Laundry

Gray Water Technology

Commercial Units, Hotel industry Unit, High rise building Unit, Cooling tower

Waste water System

MBR system for Commercial, MBR system for Hotel industry

Auto Dosing Technology

Cooling tower Auto Dosing with Controller, Chilled water Auto dosing system, Swimming Pool Auto Dosing system (pH & Chlorine), Potable water Auto dosing system (pH & FAC) , Chemical Dosing pumps

Water treatment Chemicals

Cooling tower Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor Biocide chemical Steam Boiler Corrosion Inhibitor Potable water Corrosion Inhibitor Chilled water Corrosion Inhibitor Biocide chemical Swimming pool chemicals

Scientific Lab Instruments

TDS Meter pH Meter Digital Chlorine Meter pocket Digital Photometer – 6 parameters Bench type pH and TDS meters Chlorine test kit pH test kit Silica test kit Nitrite test kit

Swimming Pool Components

Sand filter Overflow grate Heat & Cool System Under water lights


DPD No.1 DPD No. 2 DPD No. 3 – Ozone test DPD No.4 Phenol Red Silica test 1 and 2 Nitrite test 1 and 2