Ultrafiltration Technology

Municipal and industrial applications

 Membrane Technology 

ARTECH offers membrane material covering all ultrafiltration applications.

Ultrafiltration is a physical water treatment procedure

One simple flow solution for both clarifying and disinfecting water

Disinfection of water in a single step. A membrane barrier acts like a filter for all particles over 10-20 nm in size: pollen, algae, bacteria, viruses, germs and organic molecules.

Pure water high quality

This technology guarantees water of consistently high quality, with no taste or odor, no matter what the quality or turbidity of the water source.

An environmentally friendly technology

The ultrafiltration procedure is mechanical: it reduces treatment waste and the need to use chemicals, while conserving the mineral equilibrium of the water.

Drinking water

All water: groundwater, lake, river (polishing)

Elimination of micro-organisms (algae, pollen, bacteria, viruses, parasites, escherichia coli, giardia…)

Production and quality guarantees under all circumstances (heavy rainfall, bacterial contamination, turbidity peaks, etc.) Turbidity < 0,1 NTU 100% of the time

 Industrial process water

Electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and bottling industries…

Pre-treatment of demineralized water and purified water, boiler water...

Removal of particulates and micro-organisms...

Controlled encrustation (Fouling Index <3)


Indispensable pretreatment for reverse osmosis membranes. 

Crucial to the reverse osmosis system lifespan. 

Reduces fouling and the frequency of replacement of reverse osmosis membranes


Municipal and industrial wastewater

Garden and park sprinklers and other urban uses

Industrial process water, irrigation, etc.

 Establishing a new, reliable and eco-friendly source of water