Water treatment Chemicals


Improve the performance and safety of your facilities with ar-treat range of water treatment chemicals

Water treatment chemicals range includes both organic & inorganic chemicals

 ar-treat offering specialty chemicals that combine product technology, extensive expertise for decades,

on-site technical services, according to client's requirement for wide range of water flow applications such as cooling towers, chilled water, steam boiler, heat exchanger and  RO system etc.

ar-treat offers complete water flow treatment and monitoring solution for cooling system, steam boiler, drinking water system and RO system.

Treatment for Cooling Water System

Water treatment Chemicals for Cooling Tower

Cooling tower

Recirculation system

Closed system

Chemical suitable for cooling application 

+ Corrosion Inhibitor

+ Scale Inhibitor

+ Biocide

+ Dispersants

Treatment for Steam Boiler System

Water tube boiler

Shell tube boiler

Hot water boiler

Chemical for boiler & hot water boiler application

+ Sludge conditioner

+ Oxygen Scavenger

+ Condensate treatment

+ pH booster

Treatment for Drinking water System

Water treatment chemical for drinking water system

Cold water treatment

Hot water treatment

Chemical for drinking water application

+ Corrosion Inhibitor

+ Scale Inhibitor

+ Bacteria prevention

Treatment for RO Membrane System

Pre membrane de-chlorination

Disinfection of surface

Membrane cleaning solution

Chemical for RO membrane application 

+ Antiscalant

+ Biocides

+ CIP solution

+ Chlorine removal

Biocides Solution 

Cooling tower

Chiller water

Legionella analysis

Drinking water

Swimming pool

Treatment for Swimming pool 

Water treatment chemical for swimming pool 

Commercial pool

Residence pool

Hotel pool

Chemical for swimming pool application

+ Calcium Hypochlorite 65%

+ Sodium Bisulfite (pool acid)

+ Flocculent (see clear)

+ Calcium chloride

+ Algaecide